The Biden campaign brings big fundraising events in September

Joe Biden broke fundraising records in September after breaking records in August, giving the former vice president a significant financial head start in the final weeks of the 2020 campaign.

The Biden campaign found it raised $ 383 million last month, up from $ 364.5 million raised by the Biden campaign, the Democratic National Committee and their joint fundraising committee in August.

The Democratic presidential candidate has $ 432 million in cash, said Jen O & # 39; Malley Dillon, manager of the Biden campaign, in a tweet. That's a massive war chest with less than three weeks up choice Day.

Biden announced the money transfer on social media with a video in which he thanked the donors at the base. "To everyone who saved a few dollars last month – thank you," the tweet read.

"This is more money than I've ever raised in my entire life," Biden said in the video. "I'm really humble about that," Biden later added.

Last month's total of contributions included contributions from 1.1 million new donors, according to the campaign, bringing the number of donors to the campaign to 5.5 million.

$ 203 million of the $ 383 million came from online donations, said O & # 39; Malley Dillon.

The Biden campaign had several major fundraisers including the night of the first debate on September 29th which raised approximately $ 10 million in more than three hours. Another $ 21.5 million was raised the next day.

President Trump's campaign has not yet released the September numbers. In August, the former Vice President surpassed Mr. Trump and his units by about $ 150 million.

Biden went into September with a cash advantage over Mr. Trump of around $ 141 million. Biden lagged the president by nearly $ 200 million at the end of the busy season.

Biden continues Spend the President on television advertising, a trend that has been happening since the end of July. In some cases, the Biden campaign has doubled the Trump campaign spending.

Camp Biden spends more than $ 24 million in 16 states this week, while Mr Trump's campaign spends over $ 17 million on television advertising in 11 states, according to tracking by Kantar / CMAG.

Earlier this week, Kantar / CMAG tracking showed that the Trump campaign cut more than $ 10 million in television advertising reservations in 9 states and cut some spending in just three states.

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